I.M.S.A. (Industria Macchine Speciali Automatiche) was established in 1988 and originally operated as a manufacturing contractor of mechanical parts for special machines.Our first deep drilling machine was designed and manufactured in 1992, on request of a mould maker for plastic and die-casting.In 1997 I.M.S.A. was the first drilling machine manufacturer who introduced the concept of independent axes for drilling and milling.In 2000 we developed and launched the series "BB" Gun Drills with GANTRY structure: the solution is absolutely original, with its column guided at both bottom and top. 

MF Series- Gun Drills
Model X-Travels Y-Travels V-Travels
MF1200BBL 64.96" 39.37" 47.20"
MF1500BBL 127.95" 59.06" 59.05"

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