SIGMA CNC Technology Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in November 2000. Under the leadership of our President's constant efforts, renovations are made to meet even changing market challenges.

With scientific management, we strive for high efficiency production, stable quality control, best sales and post-sales service. That is why SIGMA CNC is able to reap customers' praise, reliance and confidence. SIGMA CNC has many top engineers in each field who have 10-20 years sufficient experience helping us produce the best double column centers possible.

Customers' demands motivate us to make constant progress, serving our customers perfectly is our ultimate purpose.

SDV Series
Model X-Travels Y-Travels Z-Travels
SDV-2011 80.3" 43.3" 29.9"
SDV-2215 86.61" 59.05" 29.9"
SDV-2215H 86.61" 59.05" 29.9"
SDV-3215 125.9" 59.05" 39.30"
SDV-3219 125.9" 74.8" 39.30"
SDV-3224 125.9" 94.4" 39.30"
SDV-4219 165.3" 74.8" 39.30"
SDV-4224 165.3" 94.4" 39.30"
SDV-5224 204.72" 94.48" 39.30"
SDV-5229 204.72" 114.1" 39.30"

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