Dynamic International has represented HNK in a multi-state region since 1986. HNK is a technology based manufacturer of large size machine tools including Horizontal Boring Mills, Floor Boring Mills, Double Column Centers, Vertical Turning Lathes. Founded in 1960 and headquartered in Haman, Korea, HNK services customers in America, Europe and Asia.

HQ Vertical Bridge Machines
Model X-Travels Y-Travels Z-Travels
HQ-15 167.3" 118.1" 17.7"
HQ-15H 167.3" 118.1" 17.7"
HQ-20 206.7" 137.8" 17.7"
HQ-20H 206.7" 137.8" 17.7"
HQ-25 246" 149" 23.6"
HQ-25H 246" 149" 23.6"
HQ-30 285" 175" 23.6"
HQ-30H 285" 175" 23.6"

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